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    FiboBit is running at 6 countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan
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    Use bitcoin to get investments from
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About Us

As the project for mobilization and development transaction of forex and virtual money focusing on BITCOIN.
Along with fund rotation in community to ensure profit and share source of interest for everyone in the form of Half Giving - Receiving.
Hasib -
More than million customers we served. It’s your time. Join us

Stabilization Fund

Invested in long term projects, assuring sources of capital





Stabilization Fund


And all over the world


Choose from our different pricing plans and join in our adventure


  • 5 days per cycle
  • 6 cycles
  • Return 0.9 (30% 1 cycle)
Real investment package is 1 BTC and 0,5 BTC. FIBOBIT allows you to withdraw the interest thereof after each cycle completion, accruing a withdrawing fees of 0,01 BTC/1 withdrawal. Participant must further charge 0,06 BTC upon selecting package.
Member Plan Datetime
***5576 - Lê Văn Tâm 1.06 4152 minutes ago
***5062 - Phamhien 1.06 4152 minutes ago
***7662 - Traxanh 1.06 4152 minutes ago
***5928 - LÊ TRUNG TÍN 1.06 4152 minutes ago
***1883 - NGUYEN THI MY LIEN 1.06 4152 minutes ago
***2760 - KYOH1986 1.06 4152 minutes ago
***0041 - Nguyen thi thu ha 1.06 4152 minutes ago
***7936 - Tien11 1.06 4152 minutes ago
***5922 - LO XUAN TRINH ANH 0.56 4153 minutes ago
***2583 - minhb 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***9414 - Phu ty phu 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***7676 - Quách Thị Thuý Hoa 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***8898 - Thienthan 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***1526 - Nong Thi Lieu 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***3168 - tommy 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***7412 - tonhoang 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***4804 - lamkhoa 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***2386 - tunga 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***9638 - thitam3979 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***2674 - kenton 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***7015 - thatvan 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***8735 - bich yen 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***2026 - tutram 1.06 4153 minutes ago
***2050 - duchieu 1.06 4153 minutes ago
4698 | ***5347 - philips 1.06 17028 minutes ago
***0107 - Phuong62 1.06 17028 minutes ago
***5306 - Phuong71 1.06 17028 minutes ago
***7103 - Phuong64 1.06 17028 minutes ago
***0781 - Phuong65 1.06 17028 minutes ago
4697 | ***7834 - andrew 1.06 17029 minutes ago

FiboBit Advantage

- FiboBit with 1 extremely big community of investors that develop in over 6 countries
- FiboBit runs on an advanced technology platform which is exact and completely automatic.
- FiboBit ensures to pay interest at due date on 10:00 am into your wallet and the commission will be paid right the following day.
- With the Stabilization fund which invested in long term projects, assuring sources of capital, FIBOBIT will be strong with the time.


This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about FiboBit. Check out our Advanced FAQ for more technical information?
As the leading experts on forex transaction and virtual money arrays, FIBOBIT receives the money from investor and creates profits thereof from forex transactions which is liquidated with BITCOIN. FIBOBIT means 1 giving sale and receiving playground which is totally new on Vietnamese market. It uses BTC currency for decisive transaction, using sources of investment to participate in high-interest projects, assuring interest payment process, promising a stable and fair playground. With an overlapping investment model, it helps to completely purify the virtual ID, the investors who want to surf the floor, and bad members. FIBOBIT clearly grasps the market and understands the demands of Vietnamese investors. Since then, FIBOBIT has developed in the way that is best appropriate and served for the general benefits of all communities.
FIBOBIT receives the money from investors and creates profits thereof by Forex transactions payable with BITCOIN; along with the financial fund rotation of community in order to ensure the profits and share sources of interest in the form of Half Giving - Receiving.
With the form of automatic payment of interest and commissions, BTC will automatically transfer them into your wallet in every 10:00 A.M daily.
Registration for account includes
Full name
Phone number
Personal Email
Account of Blockchain wallet
After registration, you carry out crediting BTC into your account:
There are 2 packages for your participation:
- Credit 1,06 BTC registering package 1 BTC cycle of 5 days to receive 0.3 BTC in 6 cycles.
- Credit 0,56 BTC registering package 0.5 BTC cycle of 5 days to receive 0.15 BTC in 6 cycles.
Of which:
- 0,06 BTC is a withdrawal fees for 6 times.
After registration and crediting BTC into your account, the system will checks and confirm your account after 6h to 12h.
In order to change your account information, use your previous registered e mail to send your change request to the system email, the system then receives and helps.
Mail Heading: CHANGE REQUEST FOR ID: xxxxxxx
Content: Previous and new information, reason for change.
Direct commission: to receive direct commission by 12%, you must meet condition having 1 F1 Investment successful.
Indirect commission: to receive indirect commission by 50% from F1 income, you must have at least 6 F1 investment successful.
Indirect commission: 1% from ID fell at floor 10.
To receive profits at Cycle 5 and Cycle 6.
To continue the investment rotation is continue receiving profits of a new rotation.
As in Cycle 5 and Cycle 6 you must extract 1/3 of your profit saving into the Stabilization fund to stable and maintain the FIBOBIT floor.
Thus; In package 0,56 you’ll receive 0,1 BTC; In package 1,06 BTC you’ll receive 0,2 BTC for Cycle 5 and Cycle 6.
Accumulated Stabilization fund = Extracting interest of the players who previously participates in from Cycle 5th and Cycle 6th.
- Extracting out 0,1 BTC of package 1 BTC.
- Extracting out 0,05 BTC of package 0,5 BTC.
Stabilization fund is created for investment into 4 arrays:
Penalty is also accumulated into stabilization the fund.
Stabilization fund will be reported on the Web daily.
It is the combination of:
+ Financial rotation with high profit from Giving – Receiving.
+ Creating and forming the Stabilization fund for re-create balancing profits for community.
As per the FIBOBIT process, you may take your capital back with profit after 20 days.
When you have a deduction by 100% of the next cycle interest, it means that you have had 1 F1 rotation round stopped.
When you have a deduction by 50 % of the cycle interest, it means that you have had an upline rotation round stopped.